Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Watkins Glen 2014 PCA Club Race

Watkins Glen…..lots of things going on Sprint 1- 1st in Class, Sprint 2- 1st in Class, Enduro 4th in class Had a new sponsor come on board with Century 21 New Millennium, brought out some very nice new scheme and are very happy to have them on Board, as always www.karenclose.com for all your real estate needs in the Northern Virginia area. You don’t have to trust me, check out the website or just search her name and you will see she is one of the best in the area. Here are some pics of the new stickers going on.
Would like to thank Van Svenson for the new stickers and all the work that went into them. He did a great job helping with the concept and the stickers quality and timing were great…not to mention the pricing was great. Probably the best race ive had in a long time. Fred Constantino (a great driver) came back to E stock in a new to him 911 and we got to run nose to tail for some time as can be seen from inside his car here. Big thanks to Dave Scott (VeloceRaptor on Rennlist) who I hired for some coaching on Friday, he walked me through the basics of looking at the data my Racepak collects and how to apply it to my driving. Also gave me some track pointers that helped the overall attitude of the car. He was very easy to work with and clearly communicated what he was trying to get me to do. Wish I had some more time to work with him as im sure I could have found more time (just look at how fred catches me in the toe of the boot) but only so much in the budget. Just want to again say thank you for the help and recommend him to all looking for a coach. Had a clean sweep of 1st in all the sprint races, set a new personal best time as well Intersport and Dan Jacobs Hairy Dog Garage really came through, had several issues with CV boots and axels. Ended up getting a spare axel from Dan Jacobs (my main competitors mechanic) and cannot thank him enough, without this I would not have been able to run the enduro. Art, Jimmy, and Charlie helped get the axel and CV boots all sorted out and I was able to run…these guys are amazing in what they do. Also the fact that Dan Jacobs is more than happy to help anyone he can out really says a lot for this community. Big thanks to you all. Then came the enduro. Had a very comfortable lead going into the pit stop….had some snafu with the watch and left the pit less than a second early…less than a second….UGH…black flag came out and had a stop and go…literally as soon as I stopped I was told GO GO GO by the scruit…NOW IM MAD AT MYSELF…..came back out in 5th palce in class…..So I start to push…..next thing I know im smelling gas in the corners….start seeing it seeping out of the filler…gas cap not on right…oh boy…start seeing the gas gauge going down faster than the time left and start thinking im either going to make it or not but I need to push….got myself back into 4th and was reeling in 2nd and 3rd….with 2 laps left I catch them and I notice first place is just in front of them as well…at the rate I was catching them I really could still win this…so im pushing haaard….am able to pass 3rd after the bust stop, then get 2nd in the laces….i can see first and am seriously catching him fast…get through the toe and im probably 4-5 car lengths behind….Car hiccups for gas…almost shuts down….so I pull right and have to give up 2nd and then 3rd…get gas flowing again and finish the race just behind 3rd place now in 4th….SOOO mad with myself for the short pit stop….but what can ya do…that’s racing…and am still happy to be in the top 5 with my car in one piece

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