Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Porschefest/Vets on Track

Had a good weekend, though very rainy, i mean i didnt even go thruough a whole tank of gas this weekend.
Student did great, she was more and more comfortable with her car and was trusting my input and encouragement of the gas pedal, for her second DE she was flying and smoothing in the rain.

I hope all of the wounded warriers/Vets had a good time, i know it was great to see them out there, especially the guy throwing the checkered flag, got a big wave and bigger smile when he saw me wave thanks to him. The dinner and hopefully the day for them was a good deal of fun, cant thank them enough for all they have done.

Car ran well besides a few little oil gremlins and some older hoosiers. the dry session we got on sunday was a ton of fun though my tires didnt want to grip.

Had a few bad incidents happen in front of me luckily everyone was ok, my condolences for the loss of some nice machinery. I hope they come back with somethign else to play with.

Should have my new IQ3 dash installed soon and finally get some data, an odometer, and maybe even a new sending unit for my gas gauge. Thanks to OG for the dash.
Ill have some video up when i get around to uploading it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Porschefest comin up

Well Porschefest is this weekend and I will be out at summit hopefully trying out the AIM pista dash/data logger, Alot of my analog gauges are well, on vacation... so hopefully this will help me be less of a pansy and keep that throttle down.

Otherwise not too much new on the car. hopefully my tires hold out, got a 3 day event, and races from VIR. might be pushing it but who knows.

Got my cool suit all worked out, BIG SHOT out to Brian and Steve from OG, they really pulled through for me. FAST, well ill reserve comment...