Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Summit Point Club Race Oct 1-3

Well this is a little late but better then never.
Had a great time and some good racing, Ended up with a pers best lap time, as many others did as well. Still off the pace of the front runners but what can ya do.
I think i ended up with a few 4ths and 5ths in the spring races and managed a 3rd in the enduro.

Got my new dash installed, racepak IQ3, so finally got to get some telemetry from the car and was suprisingly close to my theoretical best lap time, which means im either driving the crap out of the car (not likely) or I need to tweak a few things on the car/my driving to get some more speed out of it.
Intersport did a VERY nice install of the dash, ill try to get some pics, so many thanks to them.

Some vids will be up eventually, just been busy with life (by that i mean a teething 6month old)