Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summit Point Club Race 2011 20th Anniversary

Well been a while since ive updated here but might as well get to it...
Had a GREAT weekend at the Summit Club race despite the weather (friday great, sat RAIN, sun cool and damn with rain at the end)

Ended up with a very productive weekend and did very well (3 first in clases, 2 overall wins, and one 2nd in class)

my first time driving this car in the rain (well first time racing in the rain as well)

qualifying start...first time on hoosier wets

First sprint

third sprint

Enduro Start still dont know what the H-E-double hockey sticks i was doing in 14th???? if it had been based on the second sprint i woulda been 3rd with a 1:40 in tha rain haha...

And here is video from one of the guys i was racing with all weekend (his is the black 944) and its a view i dont often get of my car (yes thats my car thats making all the noise in the video...he is in a differnt class car but as you can see fairly evenly matched.

Big thanks go out to the Crew at Intersport and Convenience auto care for all the support and getting the car ready.
Also big thanks to OG racing