Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Summit Point Club Race Oct 1-3

Well this is a little late but better then never.
Had a great time and some good racing, Ended up with a pers best lap time, as many others did as well. Still off the pace of the front runners but what can ya do.
I think i ended up with a few 4ths and 5ths in the spring races and managed a 3rd in the enduro.

Got my new dash installed, racepak IQ3, so finally got to get some telemetry from the car and was suprisingly close to my theoretical best lap time, which means im either driving the crap out of the car (not likely) or I need to tweak a few things on the car/my driving to get some more speed out of it.
Intersport did a VERY nice install of the dash, ill try to get some pics, so many thanks to them.

Some vids will be up eventually, just been busy with life (by that i mean a teething 6month old)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Been a while since ive had an update so... Was out at Summit with the SCCA this past weekend and had a good time. Had a few issues (rear sway bar kept popping off) but ran good otherwise, finally have a nagging oil leak squared away.

Getting ready for Club race this coming weekend. Car finally has a gas gauge in it haha. Getting the new gauge (racepak IQ3) installed today hopefully. cant wait to have a little data to make fun of myself with.

Tried to run on some year+ old hoosiers that had about half life left and boy was it scary, they made a dry track seem like standing water...was glad to get them off the car.

Got a new fishey lense for the video camera so should be able to see in the car a little better.
Will have some vids/pics from the upcoming Summit race after this weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Porschefest/Vets on Track

Had a good weekend, though very rainy, i mean i didnt even go thruough a whole tank of gas this weekend.
Student did great, she was more and more comfortable with her car and was trusting my input and encouragement of the gas pedal, for her second DE she was flying and smoothing in the rain.

I hope all of the wounded warriers/Vets had a good time, i know it was great to see them out there, especially the guy throwing the checkered flag, got a big wave and bigger smile when he saw me wave thanks to him. The dinner and hopefully the day for them was a good deal of fun, cant thank them enough for all they have done.

Car ran well besides a few little oil gremlins and some older hoosiers. the dry session we got on sunday was a ton of fun though my tires didnt want to grip.

Had a few bad incidents happen in front of me luckily everyone was ok, my condolences for the loss of some nice machinery. I hope they come back with somethign else to play with.

Should have my new IQ3 dash installed soon and finally get some data, an odometer, and maybe even a new sending unit for my gas gauge. Thanks to OG for the dash.
Ill have some video up when i get around to uploading it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Porschefest comin up

Well Porschefest is this weekend and I will be out at summit hopefully trying out the AIM pista dash/data logger, Alot of my analog gauges are well, on vacation... so hopefully this will help me be less of a pansy and keep that throttle down.

Otherwise not too much new on the car. hopefully my tires hold out, got a 3 day event, and races from VIR. might be pushing it but who knows.

Got my cool suit all worked out, BIG SHOT out to Brian and Steve from OG, they really pulled through for me. FAST, well ill reserve comment...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

VIR PCA Club Race 2 Sprint Black

Finally got some vids from VIR up here is the second sprint race

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summit Pt July 16-18

had a good weekend out at Summit but boy was it hot, Was plagued with some small oil leaks thruout the weekend but it was nothing to worry about. Cool Suit saved the day, Had a great student who continually progressed throughout the weekend in a nice 997.

Car ran well, new steering rack made it controllable, who woulda thought, will have some video's up soon hopefully.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just thought i would post up a little vid of my old VW that helped get me started at the racetrack when it was stock, this is no HD i know i know, but hey it was 400whp at about 9 lbs of boost on a turbo meant to run 26 (breaking it in at watkins.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well got back from VIR ok, it was HOT I tell ya. Had a ton of issues getting the cool shirt down to me and basically it never showed up and luckily I got the last shirt available at the shop on track though it was not the shirt I wanted, it helped ALOT. I had to run the first day and a half with out it and it was not easy and definately gave me some headaches. I guess there were two people who had to see medical help for heat stroke (one was in the hospital overnight).

Race itself went well, ended up with two 3rd places in the sprint races. I had to catch a plane out of town sunday night and had to skip the enduro, though in practice i had my steering rack give up on me so it worked out anyways (was going to try to stay for at least some of the enduro). Steering had been giving me signs of weakness but when coming out of hogpen, suddenly about double the steering input was needed to keep it on the track and was shuffle steering through the esses (NOT NORMAL).
Ill have some video up when i get the chance to upload/edit it.

The event was very good besides the heat, it was well run and a fun time. I am sure the heat had a BIG part with the low attendance but what can ya do. Hopefully next year more show up out there as the track is just too much fun.
Congrats to Frank and Toby who had a great rookie race. was fun seeing you guys out on the track.
Still cant get over the brakes on the spec boxsters

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E Stock

Well here is the beginning of the Blog, I have one race under the belt at summit point last october and ended up doing pretty well. Worked my way up to a few 3rd places.
VIR is fast approaching in a week and a half and hopefully it doesnt get too hot before i can get out to OG racing for a cool suit to keep me comfy in the heat.

Ill get some newer video's up once I get them uploaded, enjoy what i got there is plenty more to come. Site is under construction so stick with me