Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VIR Club Race 2011

Had a great weekend and did some of the best driving i think ive done yet.
had a few glitches over the weekend, racepak went dead and i had no tach or data. Mark Francis and OG racing did all they could to try and get it working again but no dice...get to deal with that this week.
Cut the wire to my cool suit 15-20 min into the enduro and got to run it old school...but was it hot.

Car ran flawlessly thanks to Charlie and the Intersport Crew. Did my personal best lap times (last years 2:20) this year was 2:15.2...
3rd first sprint (in E class)
2nd second sprint (in E class)
1st in the enduro (in E class)
Also got Workers Choice award, seems if your really bad at race starts and work your way through traffic workers like you. Big thanks to all of the Corner workers who make this all possible and get to sit out in the sun and keep us safe.

Here is a link to the video also on my youtube page

My daughter also made OG Racings website, so please check out their facebook page, not to mention their website for your racing needs (good plug eh?)

Congrats to Scott, Omar, Jim and the rest of the racers....Friend Pat also did a freaking fantastic job in his new 911...2:19s his first time at the track and with his first 911...RWD isnt an easy cross over from 4wd but boy he makes it look easy.