Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Been a while since ive had an update so... Was out at Summit with the SCCA this past weekend and had a good time. Had a few issues (rear sway bar kept popping off) but ran good otherwise, finally have a nagging oil leak squared away.

Getting ready for Club race this coming weekend. Car finally has a gas gauge in it haha. Getting the new gauge (racepak IQ3) installed today hopefully. cant wait to have a little data to make fun of myself with.

Tried to run on some year+ old hoosiers that had about half life left and boy was it scary, they made a dry track seem like standing water...was glad to get them off the car.

Got a new fishey lense for the video camera so should be able to see in the car a little better.
Will have some vids/pics from the upcoming Summit race after this weekend.