Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 has begun....Sebring 48 hrs

Made my first trip down to Sebring and had a great time. 13 driver and 12 cars went down from Intersport...
first time to the track and wont be the last...difficult to learn and probably alot worse to master...i dont think i took turn 17 (final turn) the same way once...

Ended up with the following results
First Sprint 1st in class
Second Spring 3rd in class
Enduro 2nd in class

the two cars ahead of me where about 2 seconds faster than i was but i was happy to be about 2 seconds in front of the rest of the class. Just wish i coulda been closer to the front runners but no one to blame but myself.

Car ran great, had some slight tranny issues with a coupling in the shifter being a little loose but that is being fixed now. Otherwise car ran great.

My camera had an issue (i think becuase of a charger i used that was the wrong output) and did not get anything from the 2 spring races...but borrowed a Camera for the Enduro - Thanks Mark Francis and OG racing..
Big thanks to the guys from Intersport and all the work they did throughout the weekend. we had alot of cars from our camp with issues but anything fixable was fixed....

Technically im Second in the E-Class championship right now (haha that wont last much past the second club race next month) but i need to get a screen shot of Rennpoints so i have proof.