Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summit Point Club Race 2011 20th Anniversary

Well been a while since ive updated here but might as well get to it...
Had a GREAT weekend at the Summit Club race despite the weather (friday great, sat RAIN, sun cool and damn with rain at the end)

Ended up with a very productive weekend and did very well (3 first in clases, 2 overall wins, and one 2nd in class)

my first time driving this car in the rain (well first time racing in the rain as well)

qualifying start...first time on hoosier wets

First sprint

third sprint

Enduro Start still dont know what the H-E-double hockey sticks i was doing in 14th???? if it had been based on the second sprint i woulda been 3rd with a 1:40 in tha rain haha...

And here is video from one of the guys i was racing with all weekend (his is the black 944) and its a view i dont often get of my car (yes thats my car thats making all the noise in the video...he is in a differnt class car but as you can see fairly evenly matched.

Big thanks go out to the Crew at Intersport and Convenience auto care for all the support and getting the car ready.
Also big thanks to OG racing

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VIR Club Race 2011

Had a great weekend and did some of the best driving i think ive done yet.
had a few glitches over the weekend, racepak went dead and i had no tach or data. Mark Francis and OG racing did all they could to try and get it working again but no dice...get to deal with that this week.
Cut the wire to my cool suit 15-20 min into the enduro and got to run it old school...but was it hot.

Car ran flawlessly thanks to Charlie and the Intersport Crew. Did my personal best lap times (last years 2:20) this year was 2:15.2...
3rd first sprint (in E class)
2nd second sprint (in E class)
1st in the enduro (in E class)
Also got Workers Choice award, seems if your really bad at race starts and work your way through traffic workers like you. Big thanks to all of the Corner workers who make this all possible and get to sit out in the sun and keep us safe.

Here is a link to the video also on my youtube page

My daughter also made OG Racings website, so please check out their facebook page, not to mention their website for your racing needs (good plug eh?)

Congrats to Scott, Omar, Jim and the rest of the racers....Friend Pat also did a freaking fantastic job in his new 911...2:19s his first time at the track and with his first 911...RWD isnt an easy cross over from 4wd but boy he makes it look easy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Road atlanta

well here is some more of a write up and some vids
Well after a long weekend, unfortunately a slightly rainy weekend i made it back safe and sound from Road Atlanta Club Race. Frank and I made some progress over the weekend, Frank even ended up with a 1st and 3rd in class. I ended up with a measly 6th in class (9th overall) in a very tough e-class with about 12 total entrants just in E. Constaneau (sp?) was in first for the entire weekend turning some rediculously fast times.
Leh Keen was down there in a 997rsr that was freaking bada$$. sounded sooo good not to mention he was driving the crap out of it.
Big thanks goes out to Charlie at Intersport for all the setup on the car and making the trip down.

For my first time to atlanta i think i did ok, shoulda had a 5th place but didnt defend and also had a missed shift (yeh stupid rookie mistake) what can ya do. We had a sunny day on friday practice sessions, saturday morning was good, afternoon was WET...Sunday WET.... so with only hoosiers i was benched for the 2nd half of the weekend....will get some rains sometime. even with not driving sunday i had a great time and will definately go back for another club race...i still have alot of time to find and put together on the track. Frank did well in the enduro and i think got a podium in class as well.

here is the vids from the first race. had an ok start/chopped off and you can watch th rest, sorry had to break it up into 2 to upload it.

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IaiC0JlBCM"]Sprint Race 1 part 1[/url]
[URL="http://vimeo.com/21653765"]Sprint Race 1 part 2[/URL]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road Atlanta Club Race

Well been a while since an update so might as well. Had a Great time down in Atlanta, it was nice for Friday and then Sat morning, then the skies opened up and it rained alot so I sat and watched the rest of the weekend with no rain tires....oh well.

Ill have some vids and pics up later on but definately suggest making the trip down there if you have not, i know ill be back at some point.

i started 12th and ended up in 9th overall so i cant complain too much, was shweet seeing the cup cars and leh keens 997rsr.