Tuesday, January 20, 2015

VIR 2014 PCA Club Race

Sprint 1- 2nd in class, Sprint 2 – 2nd in Class, Enduro- 1st in class Very good weekend, had a bunch of mechanicals this weekend from stuck gas pedal (screw behind the pedal) to my rear hub breaking. Luckily we were able to locate a spare and borrow the correct bearing from my friend Jack Strifling (also a competitor) and save the weekend. Also had some of the same CV boot issues (think we got a bad batch cause they seemed to be breaking far too often) In Practice I came up on Jim Buckley and was able to pass him, this does not usually happen….and I think it woke him up case the next few laps he reeled me back in and ended up qualifying just ahead of me. 1st Race I ended up second behind Jim Buckley who as usual was out there flying around the track. I set a new track record this session but unfortunately was not able to stay close enough to Buckley in the race itself to make it fun for him. Got to see his line a few times and I think that helped me gain some time at the oak tree. His car is sweet to watch with so little body roll, he really has his suspension dialed in. 2nd Race Jim took the lead early after missing a gear in turn 4….did not get the greatest start and just kept a consistent gap with him out front for pretty much the entire race. Enduro….had a good start and kept in contact with Buckley this time, tried to run hard but consistent and keep the pressure on Jim. He had a good gap on me the whole time but I would real him in then he would step up the pace…so it was fairly entertaining chasing his white rabbit (white beautifully built 911). At some point he went into the pit, ended up throwing a fan belt, so when I came in to the pits a lap or two later he came over and let me know he was out of the race…..a few laps later he was back out on track hunting me down….unfortunately after my pit stop the gas cap had not been put on correctly…I was DUMPING fuel out of the filler….watching my gas gauge go down the last 5-6 laps the car was hiccupping in certain corners and my lead went from a little over a minute down to just under 20 seconds at the end I think….But was able to limp in for a first place finish…Jim set a new track record during the race and I set my new personal best just .2 off his time. >Great end to the weekend.

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