Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Summit Point 2014 PCA Club Race

Sprint 1- 1st in class, 1st overall Sprint 2 – 1st in Class, 1st overall Sprint 3- 1st Enduro- 1st overall and 1st in class What a great event as always, had a HUGE showing from Intersport, Karen Close and the Century 21 team brought out several visitors who got to enjoy the track experience and root me on. Behe Performance was there making sure all went well, as well as Ken Hills Photography taking some GREAT pictures. OG Racing had Mark Francis there for all the parts needs as well as him trying to race himself (unfortunately mechanicals prevented him from getting many laps in). PCA Potomac had a great event and great dinner as well, always one of the best club races of the year. Sprint races all went well, was able to take the overall wins in each sprint and keep a good lead on the field. Clarke Simpson had some hilarious laps behind me trying to catch me going 4 wheels off MANY MANY times. Was fun to watch in the mirror (hopefully it stays that way in the future). Had only one real issue, early on in sprint 2 I think it was I had my gas pedal start sticking….if I went full throttle it stuck to the floor until I tapped it enough to release….if I went partial throttle it went to probably ¾ throttle right away….had enough of a lead I figured lets see if I can limp it home for the win…Sure enough I was able to take the win, had to coast in cause on the cool down lap it got stock on full throttle so I had to shut if off…Charlie popped open the tail and right away noticed the throttle return springs had broken…easy fix luckily..new springs and was ready to go. The Enduro was a good bit of fun as it added higher class cars to the mix. Clarke actually got around me on the 3rd lap into turn 1 but I was able to do an over under and take it back on the exit. Rest of the race I spent keeping the gap to Clarke and ran some nice consistent laps…..pit stop went well no issues or drama….came out and ended up seeing the checkered flag drop …for me….somehow had passed 3 or 4 cars in the pit stops and took the overall win as well as class win.

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