Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Jersey Motorsports Park PCA Club Race 2014

Sprint 1- 3rd in class, Sprint 2- 1st in class, Sprint 3- 1st in class, Enduro- 2nd Overall and 1st in class Got off to a slow start on some very old tires and then ran into the CV boot and axel issues again. Big thanks to Intersport for keeping me on track all weekend, Art and Jimmy busted their butt on all of the cars in our camp….Clarke Simpson had his E stock 911 out for the fun and was driving the wheels off the thing…actually he technically drove the exhaust off the thing with his collector falling off on the main straight and making it all the way to turn 3 by the end of the race. 1st Sprint - was interesting, came from way back and worked my way up into 1st place, then got caught out in traffic back to 2nd place, then was run off the track twice which left me back in third place …which I was happy with because I laid down a good race lap that was fastest in class by about .7sec which would put me on pole for the next race. 2nd Sprint – had a pretty good start and kept the lead in E class, sat up front the hole race, put down another good lap to secure pole for the 3rd sprint. Clarke put up a good fight sticking with me for the entire race, I thought I had a plenty good time and then found out that Clarke was only a tenth behind…..and I had set a new track record ….so had to step it up next race. 3rd Sprint – Had another decent start and then got bogged down the second lap, but then was able to put in a few good laps and make my way through some traffic. Unfortunately was a fairly uneventful race just maintaining a lead on Clarke. Ran another good race lap just slightly slower than the record and secured Pole in class for the Enduro. Enduro – qualified on the front row in second place overall and had a fair start with only 1 faster class car getting in front of me, was able to nock out some consistent good laps and took 2nd overall after the pit stop and first in class, Not much drama in the race just had a good run overall. Again great end to the weekend, big thanks to Intersport and Karen Close C21 New Millennium for the consistent support

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