Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 Sebring PCA Club Race

Sprint 1 – 1st in class, Sprint 2 – 2nd in class, Enduro – 1st in class 1st Sprint - Had a great start to the year. Qualified fair for the first race and got a great start, eventually clawed my way up to first place 2nd Sprint – Had another good start and ended up in first, was passed by Mark Hupfer after a bobble in a turn….unfortunately he ran into engine issues and I inherited the lead (I guess last year was my mechanical year). Had a good lead over my competition and was able to just run a pace to stay out front….late in the race had a higher class car holding me up in sever corner to then accelerate away down the straight letting my competitor draw me in….Then last lap turn 1 same higher class car makes a mistake and I take action to avoid rear ending him, loose 1st place….attempted to regain the lead and well…the video speaks for itself… not sure if he saw me make the move to the inside or not but im glad to have come out of it without incident…though I was not happy and came in second with fastest lap in class so gridded well for the enduro Enduro was great, kept a lead the entire time….then at the end after a double yellow got caught…and I mean CAUGHT in traffic…ended up a drag race out of turn 17 to the finish…I believe there was less than a half second between 1st 2nd and 3rd …I ended up taking First and was very happy. Car ran great all weekend which was great and then we loaded them all up for the trip back home

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