Saturday, April 2, 2011

Road atlanta

well here is some more of a write up and some vids
Well after a long weekend, unfortunately a slightly rainy weekend i made it back safe and sound from Road Atlanta Club Race. Frank and I made some progress over the weekend, Frank even ended up with a 1st and 3rd in class. I ended up with a measly 6th in class (9th overall) in a very tough e-class with about 12 total entrants just in E. Constaneau (sp?) was in first for the entire weekend turning some rediculously fast times.
Leh Keen was down there in a 997rsr that was freaking bada$$. sounded sooo good not to mention he was driving the crap out of it.
Big thanks goes out to Charlie at Intersport for all the setup on the car and making the trip down.

For my first time to atlanta i think i did ok, shoulda had a 5th place but didnt defend and also had a missed shift (yeh stupid rookie mistake) what can ya do. We had a sunny day on friday practice sessions, saturday morning was good, afternoon was WET...Sunday WET.... so with only hoosiers i was benched for the 2nd half of the weekend....will get some rains sometime. even with not driving sunday i had a great time and will definately go back for another club race...i still have alot of time to find and put together on the track. Frank did well in the enduro and i think got a podium in class as well.

here is the vids from the first race. had an ok start/chopped off and you can watch th rest, sorry had to break it up into 2 to upload it.

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IaiC0JlBCM"]Sprint Race 1 part 1[/url]
[URL="http://vimeo.com/21653765"]Sprint Race 1 part 2[/URL]

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